A massive new planet that dwarfs Jupiter was just found lurking nearby

by admin on Feb 24, 2020
Image Source : RIT-Scientists

In our planetary system, Jupiter is king. It’s far larger than the other planets in our system, and also it dwarfs Earth. However, in the grand plan of things, Jupiter isn’t truly all that outstanding. It’s big, certain, yet contrasted to various other gas giants in our neck of the stellar woods. It’s just a little fella.

Researchers making use of data from the Gaia sky study have determined a gas giant not far from Earth that places Jupiter to pity. It’s not just a little bit larger than our close-by gas titan it’s roughly ten times the size. Yeah, it’s huge, and also, it’s only around 330 light-years from Earth.

The newly-discovered planet, called 2MASS 1155– 7919 b, is a newborn in the worldly feeling, as well as it orbits its star at a big distance. The star itself is likewise rather young, with scientists estimating it to be just around 5 million years old. Comparative, our Sun is thought to more than 4.6 billion years of age.

The exploration manages astronomers the rare opportunity to observe a gas giant in its developmental years, rotating around its young star and just beginning its life. Also, at ten times the mass of Jupiter, it’s still expanding, as well as will eventually be much bigger.

“The dim, cool object we found is very young and only 10 times the mass of Jupiter, which means we are likely looking at an infant planet, perhaps still in the midst of formation,” Annie Dickson-Vandervelde, lead author of the research, said in a statement.

“Though lots of other planets have been discovered through the Kepler mission and other missions like it, almost all of those are ‘old’ planets. This is also only the fourth or fifth example of a giant planet so far from its ‘parent’ star, and theorists are struggling to explain how they formed or ended up there.”

Source: BGR