A Potential COVID-19 Treatment Could Be Ready By September

by admin on Apr 07, 2020

Currently, there is no well-known treatment or vaccination for the COVID-19 virus. As it stands, physicians can only treat the signs as they show up, but there is no total cure for the infection just yet. Nevertheless, Dr. Jacob Glanville believes that in a few months, it is feasible that there can be a treatment strategy for the COVID-19 virus.

Glanville is the creator as well as CEO of biotech business Distributed Bio, as well as likewise a Scientific Advisory Board participant for UCSF’s biotechnology program. He was additionally recently featured on Netflix’s Pandemic docudrama and is also known for his research for a universal influenza injection. According to Glanville, he asserts that his business has developed a potential treatment for the COVID-19 infection.

Before we obtain too fired up, just like all new medicines, there require to be examinations done initially to guarantee that they are secure. Glanville says that the next step will undoubtedly entail the army testing his company’s therapy on real-time strands of the coronavirus, before relocating onto increased human trials. Thinking all works out, Glanville thinks that it is possible that this therapy can show up by September.

These are some quite strong cases if they are accurate, yet additionally possibly excellent news. Various other firms are additionally dealing with vaccines. However, they are just estimated to show up in 2021 at the earliest.