Zuzus.tech is an outstanding global raised floor
for Showcasing the Aesthetic best IOT Products.

We mainly categorised IOT products Such as Home security products,
Air quality Trackers, 3d Printers, VR Games, Applications, Kick starter
projects, Smart Products, Drone Cameras, Smart Health care products,
Smart Alarms, Smart watches, Smart Kitchen products, Start ups,
Robots. We called them ZUZUS.

How we analysis IOT Products

After checking their works Product websites we encourage them by adding into our Nominee list to show their works to the world wide. We make sure your product website surely get 4500 page views in the span of 4 working days. We also consider the likes and page views of your project on the gallery for the “Best product of the month” Category.

Aesthetic site of the week

The product who get the highest views on the gallery we featured in the “Trending” section in the home page of ZUZUS. We also present the site of them month with a great privilege and Importance of the product who get the highest page views and likes

Submission Rules

Competitive IOT products to be very unique with having the feature of Internet of things (IOT). We accept only technology related websites which is support IOT (internet of things) products, apps, latest mobile websites, smart watches, virtual reality games, gadgets, drones, hover boards, 3d printers etc… We welcome your submissions, but only accept the high professional and standard IOT products websites to be showcased on our website. when you’re on the submission form please suggest your product tags as well.

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