Android’s New ‘Emoji Kitchen’ Will Make Chatting A Lot More Fun

by admin on Feb 13, 2020
Image Source : Google

One of the issues with emojis is that they tend to be a bit static. While numerous firms have expanded on the number of emojis throughout the years, we reckon that it might stand to be a little bit extra diverse. Fortunately, Google has a concept which is to combine many emojis to produce new mashups.


This new series of emojis will be available for Android individuals in the type of the “Emoji Kitchen.” As you can see in the picture over, this generally mashes up many emojis with each other to develop a new kind of emoji that will be much more meaningful as well as enjoyable to make use of. Nonetheless, the downside is that currently, you can not just mix and match your own.

Instead, today users will be pretty much at the mercy of Google’s designers. This implies that if specific emojis have yet to be incorporated, after that, you ‘d be out of luck. However, users can look into what’s offered by touching on an emoji and also wait on recommendations to show up. Likewise, this function is just available for Gboard on Android, which presumably must at some point discover its means to iphone individuals too (approximately we wish).

The new Emoji Kitchen should already be presenting to Android customers as we talk, so do make sure you’re running the most recent version of Gboard to check it out.