Australia Rolls Out AI Cameras To Spot Distracted Drivers

by admin on Dec 02, 2019
Image Source : Transport NSW

When it pertains to traffic cams, a lot of them are typically utilized to catch speeders who break the legal speed restriction as well as additionally to capture those who try to beat the traffic signals. However, when it comes to capturing sidetracked drivers who may be texting while driving, that’s a little challenging, as well as is usually a manual process.

A minimum of that’s the case for the rest of the world, except Australia, where the country’s government has presented what is potentially the world’s first AI  camera that can catch distracted drivers that are utilizing their phones while driving. This will be at first turned out in the state of New South Wales, where the government is hoping that with the capacity to spot drivers that are texting while driving, it will hinder them, which in turn will help in reducing relevant mishaps.

According to Minister for Road Andrew Constance, “Some individuals have not got the message concerning utilizing their phones lawfully and securely. If they think they can continue to put the safety of themselves, their passengers, and the community in danger without repercussion, they remain in for a rude shock.”


Australia Drivers that are caught texting while driving throughout the initial three months of the system going real-time will certainly get a warning letter. Following that, drivers who are captured will, after that, receive a $344 fine and five bad mark points. There are plans to increase on the system where it is anticipated to execute as many as 135 million lorry checks yearly by 2023.