Jun 4th, 2018
by admin

C-Rest 2.0 Portable Neck Massager

Alleviate neck torment and enhance your stance in a matter of seconds with the C-Rest 2.0 Portable Neck Massager. By laying on this gadget for ten minutes, you can discharge pressure and strain as fast and easily as could be allowed. The massager in a flash assuages neck torment through a blend of pressure point massage, cervical unwinding, and occipital muscle incitement. In like manner, it utilizes your own particular body weight and ebb and flow to give pressure help and cervical incitement. C-Rest 2.0 incorporates three exceptional massagers, including Relieve, Relax, and Release. Perfect for ordinary utilize, the C-Rest Relieve easily mitigates neck pressure through semi-dynamic movement. Essentially, the C-Rest Relax is astounding to use before going to bed on account of its gradual movement. The C-Rest Release disposes of muscle hitches through powerful movement. By utilizing your body weight, the handles adequately invigorate the pressure point massage focuses. At last, C-Rest doesn’t require any power or batteries.

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