Facebook will now send you notifications for third-party logins

by admin on Jan 16, 2020

It’s pretty simple to neglect where you utilize your Facebook credentials to log in, specifically since using it is as simple as clicking a single switch. Currently, the social media network has launched a new feature that sends you a notification when your account is utilized to log into a third-party application. It won’t just offer as an added layer of protection that can provide you a direct in case somebody poorly accessed your account; it will likewise offer you extra control over your information.

The alert, which you’ll get through email and the Facebook app, reveals you what type of information Facebook showed to the third-party application or site. If sharing your email address and image with a random application you logged into doesn’t sit well with you, you can click on the Edit Settings button in the e-mail to get rid of the application’s permission to access your details.


You’ll get an alert the very first time you utilize your login with an application, and when you recycle it afterward application’s access to your details has ended. Take note that you can additionally see which apps currently have access to your login (as well as withdraw their accessibility if you intend to) by experiencing the social media’s privacy checkup.

Source: Engadget