Ecubmaker Fantasy Pro

Category : 3D Printing
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About this product

Ecubmaker Fantasy Pro II The next generation of professional 3D printer.

Super Large Build Volume
Do more, a lot more, with 300x200x200mm. Build designs with size that’s actually usable, transcending from printing toy displays to functional objects.

Intuitive User Interface
1-2-3, and Print. The experience of navigating through the graphical UI cannot be any easier. Enjoy a pleasant, hassle-free printing experience right from the beginning.

Do More With Dual Extruders

Premium constructed dual extruders gives you the freedom to print the most complicated designs with success.

Capable of Doing Big Things

• Full metal Oxidation Coating

• Fully enclosed build chamber provides ultimate heat retention and safety

• Intelligent OLED lighting system

• Clean cable management

Premium Components for Smooth Printing

• Ultra-high extrusion temperature up to 260C

• Latest MK10 dual extruder to achieve seamless printing experience

• Large micro-crystal glass print bed for smooth printing

Dual extruders

State of the art printheads, designed specifically for dual sync action, build your designs in harmony. The result is a beautiful synchrony between primary and secondary extruders that work together to build your design, layer by layer.

Large build area

EcubMaker Fantasy Pro II offers one of the largest build areas in its class, available at consumer price levels. A spacious 300x200x200mm ensures that ample space is provided for you to build practical objects.

Fully enclosed Case

Fully enclosed case ensures the optimal build chamber temperature required to print your designs successfully. Fantasy Pro II regulates the internal chamber temperatures to ensure consistent printing temperature for PLA and ABS printing.



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