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About this product

Potensic® is a blooming enterprise specialized in creating a variety of drones and committed to achieving consumers’ flying dreams.

Potensic Drones Drawn from some of the biggest players in the industry, our team of experts has a broad range of experience in creating some of the very best tech products on the market and their extensive expertise is integrated into all aspects of our drones.

We believe that like height, innovation is limitless.

So, adhering to a user-oriented philosophy, which combines aesthetics and practicality, we strive to do the unimaginable and apply it practically into everyday life.

We’re passionate and relentless creators, engineers, developers, researchers, and marketers, devoted to creating high-quality, yet affordable products backed up by friendly, responsive service that delights our loyal customers around the world.

Potensic Drones :

GPS Drones
Toy Drones

High/Medium/Low Speed
Different speed to satisfy various people’s needs

1. Low-Speed Mode (18km/h)

Low-Speed Mode is suitable for a beginner.

2. Medium speed Mode (24km/h)

Medium Speed Mode is suitable for skillful pilots to play in the gentle breeze.

3. High-Speed Mode (36km/h)

High-Speed Mode is suitable for experts who practice aerial stunts.

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