Google Docs now presents the word count as you type

by admin on Sep 10, 2019
Image Source : gsuiteupdates.googleblog


Among one of the most frustrating features of Google Docs is having to by hand access the menu every single time you require to check if you have actually lastly hit that essay’s evasive word matter. The tech giant is finally fixing that by giving you the capability to show a record’s word matter in its lower-left corner. Similar to Microsoft Word’s version, it updates the numbers in real-time, so you can feel pleasant, immediate relief the moment you dominate your task. Additionally, you can see how much time specific areas are by highlighting them.

To activate the function, just check “Show word count while keying” under Equipment. When you click on the lower-left corner where the numbers are, you can additionally watch a panel with more information. It includes the file’s personality matter (both with and without rooms), along with the page count if you need to know if you have an adequate paper to publish it out. Google says the feature is rolling out to all Google individuals and also can be impaired in situation you wish to compose without needing to fret about how long the item is obtaining.

Source: Engadget