Google Earth finally works on Firefox, Edge and Opera browsers

by admin on Feb 27, 2020

When Google ditched its desktop Earth application for a web-only experience, it stated it was “almost ready” to service Firefox as well as other browsers. That was almost three years earlier, but Google has ultimately supplied on that particular promise, as Google Earth currently works not just on Firefox. Yet, Microsoft Edge as well as Opera also, the company announced.

Earth was initially developed, making use of the Chrome-only Native Customer option, so to get the product to various other browsers, Google had to switch gears. The search titan chose to restore Earth by assembling the C++ code making use of WebAssembly, a brand-new binary, Java-like language that works throughout all web internet browsers. WebAssembly was only lately advised (on December 5th, 2020) by the World Wide Web consortium as the 4th native internet browser language after HTML, CSS, as well as JavaScript.

While Google Earth does work on those various other web browsers, Google stated that it still needs “sprucing up,” so you will probably still obtain the best experience on Chrome. It also intends to bring Google Earth to Apple’s Safari internet browser in the future.

Source: Engadget