Google is shutting down its Cloud Print feature in 2020

by admin on Nov 23, 2019

Another one for the Google graveyardGoogle has revealed that Cloud Print, which allows you easily print things from the internet using Google Chrome (also on printers that do not have an internet connection), will undoubtedly print its last pages on December 31st, 2020. 9to5Google reported on the information. Cloud Print has been a useful service, as it functions both on desktop &  mobile and also offers extended utility to older printers. Remarkably, regardless of being introduced back in 2010, Google Cloud Print still has a beta tag.

In an assistance record, Google advises utilizing the printing experience that’s baked right into Chrome OS or, if you’re on a different OS, making use of “the corresponding system’s native printing framework.”

Some Twitter individuals are grieving the fatality of Cloud Print, which is probably part of the reason why Google has offered more significant than a year’s notice before it turns off the solution for good:


The firm hasn’t given a factor for why it’s sending out Cloud Print to the Google graveyard.