Google Maps lets you manage your public profile from the Android app

by admin on Nov 11, 2019
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Google Maps progressively prospers on users’ contributions to complete details. However, you have not had the choice to handle your public account from the phone application you’re possibly using to make those contributions. That’s a little bit backward, yet Google is luckily setting things right. An updated variation of the Android application allows you to manage your account from a new “your profile” thing in the side food selection. You can make simple tweaks to your photo, name, or biography, yet you likewise get a fast track to personal privacy controls in settings. Maps allow you to hide your payments on your profile, and also can opt you out of sharing your account with a business you adhere to.

This is a from another location pushed modification, so simply having the most current application release will not ensure that you’ll obtain it. When iOS users certainly have this option (it’s not noticeable there as of this writing), there’s additionally no reference. It may just offer you more reasons to share images and testimonials instead of keeping details on your own Whenever this arrives.

Source: Engadget