Google Stadia is getting two space-faring puzzle games

by admin on Mar 07, 2020
Image Source : Stadia

In current weeks, Google has been introducing brand-new video games for Stadia at a suitable clip, and today it revealed two more. There’s a little bit of a style to this set of upcoming video games, with Google announcing that Relicta, as well as The Turing Test, are headed to Stadia in the future. In both cases, gamers will certainly be gone down in space and tasked with addressing challenges.

Relicta is a first-person challenge video game that has you exploring an abandoned Moon base and also fixing physics-based problems making use of gravity as well as magnetism. Relicta hasn’t launched on other systems yet, and in its article today, Google does not state if it will certainly release on Stadia at the same time it releases on various other shops like Steam.

The Turing Test is extra well-known amongst puzzle fans, offered the truth that it introduced on Steam back in 2016. In The Turing Test, you’ll be checking out Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons, as you look for hints behind the disappearance of a team that was posted there. You’ll be furnished with an Energy Manipulation Tool to help you fix challenges, which will undoubtedly allow you to relocate energy between machines.

Regrettably, Google didn’t give release dates for either Relicta or The Turing Test today. That isn’t unexpected in the situation of Relicta since that does not have a launch day as a whole currently, however regardless, Google has made a habit of exposing video games that are on the way to Stadia without actually speaking launch dates.

Only recently, Google began presenting catches assistance for the internet to some users, allowing them to handle their screenshots and video through a web browser instead of the Stadia application. That was promptly complied with by an upgrade enabling 4K gameplay through web browsers, so Google has been building out Stadia’s function set recently. We’ll let you understand when the company reveals launch days for these two games, so stay tuned for more.