Huawei looking to enter the GPU business, recruits Nvidia engineers

by admin on Apr 10, 2020
Image Source : My Drivers

With Huawei’s issues with the United States federal government and its ability to offer smartphones outside of China, the business is compelled to try to find other income streams to compensate for the shed chances. So the current report coming from South Korea is that the firm is establishing up a proving ground in the nation with some recruits originating from Nvidia.

It’s vital to note that these are not mainstream GPUs we are discussing below. It concerns server-grade GPUs made use of for cloud computing and also AI – a market which Nvidia is presently controlling. According to industry insiders, the tech giant has been establishing its very own GPU chip considering that 2012 as well as will offer it to the world when the time is.

It’s also possible that the Huawei is working with a GPU to please its requirements as it’s currently running some cloud computing services.