Hubble Captures Dynamic Galactic ‘Besties’ in Space

by admin on Dec 04, 2019
Image Source : NASA

Some galaxies just stay neighbors, while others take their “friendships” to the next degree, according to NASA.

The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope lately captured two galaxies, NGC 6285 (left), and also NGC 6286 (right) in the picture above.

The galactic “duo,” which is named Arp 293 and also is located over 250 million light-years from our planet, looks like gold saucers. Both galaxies engage with each other as well as their gravitational attraction pulls littles gas and dust streams from them as well as modifications their shapes. Earth-based viewers see that Arp 293 has a fuzzy look overhead.

This isn’t the only “pair” of galaxies Hubble has detected: Some of these hubs can handle the appearance of anything, from a spaceship entering into sci-fi like wormhole to a bouquet of celestial flowers.

See all of the room telescope’s holy portraits on Hubble’s website.

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