Intel demos its own DG1 graphics card, but doesn’t tell us much

by admin on Jan 07, 2020
Image Source : Intel

Intel wowed throughout its CES keynote with Horseshoe Bend, a prototype PC. Though the name does not roll off the tongue, it’s a seriously fantastic folding idea that will ideally cause evil new laptop designs. But Intel ended its keynote at the globe’s most excellent tech convention with a different introduce DG1; it’s very own (codenamed) GPU.

It’s not exactly a surprise. Intel revealed that it was working with its own dedicated graphics card back in 2018. However, we hadn’t heard much regarding it, considering that. At CES, Intel’s VP of Architecture for Graphics and Software came on stage to briefly demonstration Fate 2 working on the DG1 graphics card.

Besides superfluous descriptors like “material production and also pc gaming enhanced,” and the truth that it works on the Xe architecture, that’s necessarily all we obtained. No word on specs or efficiency assumptions. Mount rate, resolution, and information level weren’t also defined for the Fate 2 trial.

In other words, it’s not clear yet whether this will certainly be a replacement for integrated graphics in high-end productivity laptops, or if the DG1 will be marketed as a substitute for the Nvidia as well as AMD graphics cards you discover in video gaming gears, premium 15-inch laptop and also Macs.

The Xe style is likewise the structure for Intel’s new 10nm Tiger Lake CPUs, also revealed at the keynote. Those Tiger Lake chips will certainly deliver later this year, Intel said, yet there’s no date on the DG1 GPU.

Source: CNET