Intel Is Making A Chip That Will Smell Things Like A Human

by admin on Mar 20, 2020
Image Source : Intel

Although there are loads of projects that try to produce an artificial neural network– Intel appears to be doing something interesting.

It looks like Intel is developing an integrated circuit that can potentially smell points like a human does.

Intel thinks that they have constructed a formula that stimulates the mental activity of a human being when we scent something. Also, the chip will undoubtedly utilize that to spot the scent.

Already, it will be restricted to specific sorts of scent and also, of course, because it is still challenging to make a fabricated computer that would certainly smell points like a human.

Below’s the official video discussing more it:

Nabil Imam, a senior study researcher that collaborates with Intel Labs’ neuromorphic computer group at Cornell University, is one of the essential responsible members to make it occur.

To clear up, the chip is understood as Intel’s Loihi neuromorphic examination chip (it is still in its experimental phase).

When the research scientist was inquired about its future applications (use-cases), he stated it as a potential electrical nose that can be used as smart energy to spot details type of scent as well as notify you.

While it makes its method of improvement, we can think of far better applications for it. What do you think?