iOS 14 Could Introduce Smarter Wallpapers And Home Screen Widgets

by admin on Apr 06, 2020
Image Source : Dongle

If there is one feature that lots of iphone customers want, they had, it would be widgets. Apple kind of presented widgets in earlier iphone builds, yet it required customers to swipe to one more screen to access them, which made them a bit harder to use. We think that there are most likely instances in which some individuals probably did not even understand about them.

That being claimed, according to a record from 9to5Mac, it seems that might transform with iOS 14, where they have discovered a reference to a prospective new attribute that can bring widgets to the residence screen. Unlike the current implementation of widgets, the new widgets can be relocated around like application icons. Nonetheless, 9to5Mac notes that this feature is still being worked with, as well as can be scrapped in advance of its release.

They are additionally sharing a tweet by @DongleBookPro in which it appears that Apple is functioning on smarter wallpapers for iOS. These new dynamic wallpapers permit customers to choose a wallpaper which likewise supplies a various look made especially for the house screen. There will undoubtedly be options such as a flat color, a fuzzy one (created to help icons stand apart), as well as a dark version that is based upon the present wallpaper you’ve picked.

Assuming these brand-new functions are legitimate, it does sound like iOS 14 can be quite a fantastic update. We anticipate that Apple will have more details to share during its online WWDC occasion, which will undoubtedly be kept in the following couple of months, so till then, take it with a grain of salt.

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