Microsoft Edge Is Now The Second Most Popular Browser In The World

by admin on Apr 06, 2020

Microsoft‘s Web Traveler was the butt of numerous jokes back in the day, but to Microsoft’s credit, they did improve the browser for many years. However, sadly, it never did entirely take care of to shake its bad reputation. This is why Microsoft introduced a new browser called Microsoft Edge with Windows 10.

It appears like Microsoft’s decision confirmed to be an excellent one because, according to the usage stats shared by NetMarketShare, Microsoft’s Edge web browser is now the world’s second most prominent browser. Formerly, that honor went to Mozilla’s Firefox, who had a web browser market share of 7.2%. Yet, it resembles Microsoft Edge has since taken care of to slip by the competitors (word play here intended) by declaring a 7.6% market share.

Google’s Chrome internet browser is still really a lot the leading web browser, which commands a tremendous 68.5% of the web browser market, so we picture that it would be a long time before any of the competitors catches up, if at all. We additionally envision that Microsoft’s decision to rebuild Edge using Chromium (the same platform Chrome is built on) most likely assist.

This is because by utilizing Chromium, Edge will certainly currently be extra suitable with even more sites as well as likewise be able to use the same browser expansions as Chrome, suggesting that individuals will not need to jeopardize on specific extensions if they decide to stop utilizing Chrome.