Microsoft Has Officially Ended Support For Windows 7

by admin on Jan 16, 2020

Microsoft’s Windows 7 system was introduced more significantly than a year back, and also considering that after that, it has been successful by the likes of Windows 8 as well as Windows 10, the latter of which is the most current operating system. Because of this, it does not come as a shock to find out that Microsoft has formally ended assistance for Windows 7.

Microsoft has been alerting operating system users for a while now that assistance would certainly be coming to an end, and it resembles that day has come. It’s risk-free to claim that many will indeed no question miss Windows 7. It was just one of Microsoft’s even more preferred operating systems where it took Windows 10 numerous years before it managed to surpass Windows 7 in regards to market share.

In spite of it being even more than a decade old, data from Netmarketshare has revealed that concerning 26% of all PCs continue to run the operating system. It’s not unusual that many are reluctant to upgrade to Windows 10. This is because of the lousy representative that Windows 8 offered the Windows system, so we can’t blame users for being a bit hesitant concerning upgrading.

That being claimed, if you have yet to update, you definitely should. This is because with Microsoft no more formally sustaining Windows 7, it means that there will undoubtedly disappear spots and also safety and security updates, leaving the platform open to be exploited and struck.