NASA’s Mission Juno captures the view of Jupiter

by admin on Mar 18, 2020
Image Source : Mission Juno

In attempting times in the world, there’s a comfort to be taken in knowing our robotic emissaries are still out discovering the solar system and sending back pointers of the elegance of the cosmos. NASA launched a new view of Jupiter that can urge us to take a minute for reflection as well as wonder.

Jupiter’s stormy southern hemisphere is on the display screen. The composite picture utilizes four sights from NASA’s Juno spacecraft snapped throughout a close technique of the gas giant in February. Person scientist Kevin Gill processed the images to develop the last work of art.

“While the universe’s most common elements, hydrogen and helium, make up most of Jupiter’s mass, the striking clouds that are visible at the top of its atmosphere are composed mostly of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide,” NASA said on March 13, slipping some science in to go along with the engrossing visuals.

Juno introduced in 2011 and settled at Jupiter in 2016. It’s been examining the world ever since, sending back beautiful pictures and useful data that’s helping researchers find out more concerning the gas giant’s origin and also structure.

Despite its troubled atmosphere, Jupiter looks mighty calm now.

Source: CNET