Netflix introducing screen lock to stops you accidentally pausing your TV show

by admin on Apr 21, 2020

If you’re one to enjoy Netflix on your phone, chances are you’ve done the massive fumble and pressed pause right in the middle of an essential minute in The Crown only by unintentionally touching the display. Moms and dads could find out about this experience too, with little hands rubbing away indiscriminately at any kind of screen they can discover, frequently happily skipping right to a huge spoiler.

Thankfully, Netflix has added a new “screen lock,” first identified by 9to5Google, which lets you lock the screen within the app to prevent unintentional faucets. Netflix, the author reports, has turned out the upgrade to its Android application only at this stage– no iOS yet.

You’ll locate the screen lock feature in the lower left of the menu where episodes, sound options, and so on live, noticeable at the beginning of an episode or motion picture, or just by tapping the screen throughout the play.

If you hit the switch, the entire interface, including the play/pause switch, will be changed with a lock icon. You can turn the display lock off by tapping the image; then, you’ll be motivated to open the controls with a second faucet.

Convenient! If you’re one to stabilize your phone on your knees or something while enjoying in bed, or if you’re bordered by passionate children that routinely touch the display, this may let you unwind and also see your show the whole way through.

Now, what to stream? Exactly how about a period dramatization?

Source: Mashable