Redesigned feed of Google Assistant is rolling out on iOS

by admin on Mar 26, 2020

Over the last couple of weeks, Google has been slowly turning out a revamped “Snapshot” feed to Assistant on Android tools that make the updates part of the application more aesthetic. Since today, it’s also available on iOS.

You can look into the new experience by releasing Assistant and afterward tapping on the inbox icon situated near the lower left of the user interface. You’ll, after that, see the upgraded feed, which arranges a selection of info utilizing sequential cards.

You can tap on the cards to expand them and see additional details. Expanding the weather widget, as an example, will present a five-day forecast, with added motivates to conserve you the difficulty of asking Assistant a question with your voice. Expanding a calendar reminder, meanwhile, enables you to see the summary of an upcoming event and a listing of participants. There’s additionally a faster way that takes you directly to the invite in Google Calendar.

The brand-new experience also incorporates Google Podcasts. If you pause an episode, you can resume it straight from the top of the display. At the bottom of the interface, there’s an “Other Important Things” heading, under which you can do things like rapidly put together a shopping list. The Assistant will certainly also highlight points you can in the surrounding location using Maps.

If you weren’t a regular Assistant customer currently, the new Picture interface most likely would not alter your mind on Google’s digital helper. However, for those people that now depend on the AI, the revamped feed is a subtle tweak.

Source: Engadget