Robots to test 80,000 people a day for the coronavirus, says Spain

by admin on Mar 24, 2020

Spain prepares to deploy a fleet of robots that will automate the country’s coronavirus screening.

Swift screening is necessary to stop the spread of the pandemic. However, it likewise subjects testers to the infection, risking their lives, and also further stressing a labor force currently extended beyond its restrictions.

In Spain, around 12% of the 35,000 detected with the coronavirus are health workers.

The fleet of robotics would lower their threat of direct exposure as well as quadruple the 15,000-20,000 tests Spain presently does a day, according to Bloomberg.

Raquel Yotti, the head of the Madrid-based Health Institute Carlos III, said at a health and wellness ministry press conference on Saturday:

A plan to automate tests through robots has been already designed, and Spain has committed to buying four robots that will allow us to execute 80,000 tests per day.

Robots to the fore

The Spanish government has until now given no details on how the devices will work. When they’re released, they will join an expanding series of robotics dealing with the pandemic.

Health and wellness chiefs in Northern Ireland are also developing a robot screening system, while a robotic in Washington, US, a robot equipped with a stethoscope, has been taking vital signs from a patient identified with the infection.

In China, which is on track to generate 45% of all commercial robot deliveries by 2021, a medical facility staffed by robots that take temperatures, deliver dishes and also disinfect the facility opened in Wuhan previously this month.

While concerns of robots displacing workers are expanding, this might be one job that human beings enjoy for them to take.