Samsung develops a fix for the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 fingerprint flaw

by admin on Oct 24, 2019
Image Source : Samsung

Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S10 and also Note 10 phones struck the headlines last week after the discovery of a severe safety flaw with its fingerprint scanner.

The company has currently developed a solution and is beginning to roll it out to users globally, Reuters reported on Wednesday.

The unpleasant problem emerged after a U.K. news report demonstrated how absolutely nothing more significant than a transparent screen guard could beat the in-display ultrasonic fingerprint scanner on Samsung’s high-end S10 and also Note ten gadgets.

It appears that the textured surface on the within some silicon display guards tricked the phones’ biometric authentication system, enabling any fingerprint to open the device rather than just the owner’s.

Samsung prepares to send notices to S10 and Note 10 proprietors to notify them of the available software application update. The message will likewise advise owners to erase any fingerprints kept on the gadget and also to register new ones without any guard on display.

In a message on its Korean application seen by Reuters, the Korean tech titan insisted it takes “the safety of products very seriously and will certainly see to it to reinforce safety and security via continuing improvement and also updates to boost biometric verification functions.”

If you have one of the influenced mobile phones as well as are yet to receive a notification from Samsung concerning the solution, you’re encouraged to change off the fingerprint scanner for now and also use an alternative approach for opening the gadget.

This can be done by heading to Settings, tapping Lock Screen, and afterward Screen Lock Type. Next off, enter your Pattern, password, or pin to verify, and after that, touch the switch next to Fingerprints to disable the fingerprint scanner. Lastly, choose a different unlock approach from the list.

News of the solution came as several U.K., Korean, and Chinese financial institutions took action to decrease the threat to safety and security. The U.K.’s Nationwide Building Society, for example, disabled the fingerprint login choice in its application, while NatWest Bank eliminated the compatibility of its mobile financial app with the S10 and also Noted 10. Once the banks are satisfied with the safety and security of the fix, they are expected to turn around these actions.

Samsung made much of its high-tech fingerprint scanner when the S10 and also Note 10 launched in March as well as October 2019, specifically, yet it endured numerous issues from the begin.