Samsung unveils Ballie, a companion robot for managing your smart home

by admin on Jan 07, 2020
Image Source : Samsung

At this year’s CES in Las Vegas, Samsung welcomed on stage a curious guest: Ballie, a moving robotic geared up with a camera and enough smarts to sense individuals around it and also regulate linked home appliances around your house.

In the demo video below, you can see Ballie following an individual and also their pet dog through a house as they set about their day, and calmly assisting where feasible by readjusting smart blinds, firing up a cleaning machine, summoning a robot hoover, and also turning on the TV to maintain the pooch inhabited. Samsung noted that Ballie additionally includes on-device AI abilities, and can act as a physical fitness aide to help with your workouts.

This isn’t the very first rolling robot we have seen. Sony tried back in 2007 with its Rolly music playing bot; in 2016, LG fit an 8-megapixel electronic camera right into its imaginatively called ‘Rolling Bot’ to pair with its G5 flagship phone, keep an eye on your residence, serve as an intercom, delight your family pets, and also activate your house devices. Neither of these made any real impact on the gadget market, however– but perhaps they led their time.

Ballie belongs to Samsung’s ‘Age of Experience’ ideology for its new products and services, that will certainly “change exactly how we care for ourselves and also our family members, just how we can customize our homes to meet our individual needs.” In essence, that equates to a lot more smart gadgets sharing data to function much better for you. While that sounds excellent in concept, it stays to be seen if Samsung can promote something like a rolling robotic in 2020, when some individuals are anxious to accept the future, and others are growing tired of ‘wise’ gizmos.

That’s all we understand about the palm-sized bot now: Samsung did not say when it would concern the market or what it would cost. But if the business’s expecting it to be a success, it’ll require to do a whole lot greater than look adorable while following you around and also switching on various other gadgets.

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