Siri Hilariously Interrupts Meteorologist As Well As Contradicts His Weather Forecast

by admin on Dec 02, 2019

Imagine giving a presentation, only to be halfway disrupted as well as possibly opposed. How awkward would certainly that be, right? Now imagine that happening live on TV where the interruption was not only unintended, however also carried out in such a deadpan manner that you can not help yet laugh.

That’s what happened with meteorologist, Tomasz Schafernaker who was presenting the weather condition live on BBC. The meteorologist was talking about just how there would be snowy conditions parts of the United States Midwest, where suddenly unexpectedly, Siri on his Apple Watch triggered and also chimed in by stating that there is no snow in its forecast.

Among Schafernaker’s associates poked fun of him and the scenario by stating, “There is snow in your forecast, I believed,” to which Schafernaker replied by claiming, “Yeah, but it most likely does not know what location I’m speaking about.” We know that Apple has made significant improvements to Siri over the years, yet we did not assume that spot-on funny timing was just one of those renovations.

It is uncertain correctly how Siri was triggered on his Apple Watch, yet some have speculated that it might have been his settings where it was readied to “Raise to speak.” In any case, if you have a min to extra, you can look into the amusing blunder in the video clip above.