Spotify begins rolling out real-time lyrics

by admin on Feb 20, 2020
Image Source : Unsplash/Omid Armin

Spotify has finally started to present its real-time track lyrics function after it introduced the feature last November.

As reported by Android Police:

One of the joys of listening to music is singing along, but if you don’t want to make a fool of yourself or if you really want to understand what the artist is saying (or mumbling, humming, growling), you need to have quick access to lyrics. Spotify, one of the world’s largest music streaming services, was still behind on this feature until now. The service is now slowly catching up and rolling out proper lyrics support to users.

According to the report, the feature has been found on the Spotify’s beta version, as well as by several individuals on Twitter. As not everyone sees the upgraded function, it appears as though the update is server-side, which implies you shouldn’t require to download an app update to begin using it. The service has supposedly been identified on Spotify’s desktop app also.

Spotify started examining the feature last November for a small number of users.

Lyrics aren’t offered on all tunes, but the ones that are have been given by Musicxmatch. They can be found by swiping up inside the app, where the ‘Behind the Lyrics’ feature used to be.

Apple Music has had a similar function for some months now, and also probably more surprisingly, a group of individuals committed to by hand transcribing songs to make sure that the lyrics are precise.