Submit Your ZUZU

Gratitude for your regard in being featured on ZUZUS.

  • On an average a website featured will receive more than 4500+ visitors.
  • Our Team will review your website and notified when featured in just 3 days
  • If anyone submit non IOT website (ex: Themes, Design Studio, Law firms, any other regular websites) we don’t spare those websites and refund the money in 3 days.

Submission Checklist

1. We will featured only Internet of things (IOT) related websites. We called them ZUZUS. In other words a website represents any technology products such as drone cameras, 3d printers, apps, VR games, kick starts, start ups, air quality trackers, smart health products, etc.,

2. We all familiar what it is like, it’s a initiate day and you are enthusiastic to show everyone but you have a small list of magnificent tasks-Complete those fast- there is no force! Be sure you have skilled everything as the tiny detail that is incomplete could be the decider for not being featured.

The Form for Submit your Website

Before submit your website (zuzu) please follow these simple check list

  1. Make sure your website should be related any IOT product website
  2. In the submission form you should send your product suggested tags in the custom tags field
  3. Select multiple tags on select tags field in the form

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