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zuzus.tech is familiar by its services like website, apps, mobile sites and other services on our properties

zuzus.tech has implemented this terms & privacy policy to make conversant with information regarding zuzus.tech services like collects and usage after it is collection by using the services offered by us its gives your concert to our policy practices

If any quiers or comments regarding this terms & privacy policy, please contact zuzus.tech at: zuzustech@gmail.com In such case you have to analyse fresh policy to make sure that to figure out and to know new policy practices implemented. Usage of services after notice it shows your consent regarding the terms.

  • The users of zuzus.tech be 13 years or above.
  • The users are liable for any activity that occurs under “user name”
  • The responsibility of password security is users i.e. at owner’s risk.
  • The reliable of any data, text, images, videos, profile links that you submitted for posting and display on the zuzus.tech is yours i.e. users.
  • The usage of zuzus.tech service for illegal or unauthorized purpose is restricted (you should not use).
  • The usage of our services implies that you agree with all local laws, cyber laws and conduct in online
  • You should not violate any law regarding copy right jurisdiction etc.
  • If we receive any complaint regarding your conduct like abuse, harassing, disturbing, threat and intimidate others we warn you or we may block your account.
  • We don’t allow modify our account by hacking or adapting it. Implies your violating our terms.
  • It is restricted to create or submit unwanted message and sending to the other users.
  • It is users risk (own risk) regarding loss or damage of data. (Not zuzus.tech responsibility).

Our privacy policy holds the rights of the owners and we respect those who are genuine in submissions.

  • Websites or designs which we submitted is alone property of owner.
  • We don’t have any influence on contents of the websites.
  • The circumspection of the owners with respect to their appearance in zuzus.tech. We prize the owners and it regards as superior in best technology websites.
  • As websites are open to the viewers worldwide, Owners are the responsible person for Design and Content of the website.


For prizing process i.e. website designs, best and delightful content we require.
We don’t Share/distribute/ sell the information that we have with us.

Types of Information Collected:

  1. Data displays along with the website, Title, URL, a Screenshot, a description, email address of the Website.
  2. Here we use Email address only for the sake of communication.
  3. We can also use IP Address when users are not according to terms and to avoid baleful attacks on our Website.

Revision of Policy

In compliance with time and usage we have right to revise privacy policy which was displayed.

If you have got a Beneficial Information or wants to speak with us please contact us @

Email: zuzustech@gmail.com
If you’ve a suggestion for us or say hi – Contact Us

Update : From April 01, 2017 onwards website submissions will be charged $10 (USD) and if the submissions is rejected the full amount ($10 USD) will be refunded within 3 working days

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