Tesla Files a Patent for Laser Beams That Can Burn Off Debris from a Car’s Glass

by admin on Dec 02, 2019

Tesla and CEO Elon Musk are known for their cutting-edge creations that seem to be ahead of our time. It appears that every month, the company is preparing a new development made to revolutionize the globe.

Bye-bye windshield wipers, the welcome laser beam 

This is why we weren’t shocked when we found out about Tesla’s latest super-cool patent. With its most current invention, it appears that the company is aiming to clean up the glass on its autos with laser beams.

Yes, you review that right! Laser light beams! The beams would certainly be utilized to clean up every glass surface area on Tesla vehicles, consisting of those in front of cameras used for autopilot systems.

The system would make use of cameras to discover dust on windshields, side or rear glass, or camera lenses, and after that, release a laser to melt the debris off when needed. The patent also features a picture of a Tesla Model with lasers installed on its hood and fender.

Yet the inquiry is, would lasers be far better at cleansing debris than conventional windshield wiper? While we don’t understand the answer to that, one thing is for sure; the lasers can targeting areas of the automobile not available to traditional windshield wipers.

A secure solution?

We need to give it to Tesla; this is certainly a thinking-out-of-the-box, cutting-edge service. But are lasers risk-free for cleaning up the glass? Good sense would recommend that the laser would travel through and also perhaps damage what is on the opposite of the glass consisting of human beings in the car.

However, individuals over at Tesla have currently dealt with this concern, as well as the licensee considers that issue. They recommend coating the glass with an indium tin oxide finishing to guarantee that the laser beam of lights can not pass through.

Finally, Tesla likewise suggests utilizing the system for cleaning photovoltaic panels. It is known that debris on solar panels greatly reduces their ability to generate electricity.

Nevertheless, cleansing photovoltaic panels has long been a complicated and also labor-intensive endeavor. Could lasers be the solution we have all been waiting for?

For now, the system is simply a patent as well as it still requires to confirm its performance in practice before it becomes available to the public. However, the suggestion behind this technology delights us, and also we can’t wait to see where this could go.