Tesla is building ‘world’s most advanced paint shop’ at Berlin Gigafactory

by admin on Apr 16, 2020
Image Source : PC mag

Tesla currently has one of the most innovative electric automobiles in the world; now, those cars are established to obtain one of the most sophisticated paintworks, according to Elon Musk.

As CleanTechnica reports, the Third Row Tesla Podcast talked with Elon Musk during its most recent episode, where they mainly spoke about manufacturing the Model Y. However, 33 minutes right into the podcast, the subject count on paint, and also the Gigafactory in Berlin. You can watch it below:

Musk describes precisely how the manufacturing facility in Berlin will positively be geared up with the “most sophisticated paint store,” allowing it to perform multi-layer paint covering so that you can see “dimension” as well as then a “modification in the shade with curvature” around the lorry. The suggestion is that you set a layer of paint with shade tint, then gloss, after that an additional tint layer, and so on as well as it leads to a “3D sensation.” According to Musk, “it just stands out.”

For now, Berlin is the only Gigafactory getting the new paint store, yet Freemont, as well as Shanghai, will be upgraded at some point. Musk says it’s tough to carry out the upgrades, however, as you require to take down the old paint shop and also after that build the brand-new one, which is time shed for repainting brand-new automobiles.

Musk also required Twitter to confirm, “Giga Berlin will have the globe’s most sophisticated paint shop, with more layers of stunning shades that discreetly alter with curvature.” The multi-layer paint choice will initially be offered for the Model Y small SUV as that’s what Berlin is creating first, which must make it stick out from various other Tesla models and the vehicles it’s competing versus. When it comes to expense, Musk declared on the podcast that it just costs around 50 euros ($ 55) to use the paint, however, adds about 500 euros ($ 550) of worth to a vehicle.

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