This robot hits you in real life when you get hit in VR

by admin on May 17, 2019

In the event that you adore the vivid experience of VR battling recreations, yet felt like it was inadequate with regards to the real physical damage segment, this robot is for you. Mechanical technology architect and YouTube designer James Bruton has collaborated with University of Portsmouth understudies to make a robot that battles people, all things considered, while they’re playing in VR.

The robot wheels around on a wooden base, and has pneumatic punching arms produced using 3D-printed parts and foot siphons. It’s fueled by an Arduino Mega interface while Vive trackers in the room track the robot’s arms and the player’s headsets and homerun stick. The robot’s developments are matched up to a specially designed VR diversion, and it wears boxing gloves to mollify the blow so players don’t get killed.

It’s a truly interesting idea, however, thoroughly appears as though a thought brought forth by individuals who grew up as just kids. On the off chance that you need to get hit, all things considered, may I propose getting more established kin?

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