Washington Monument-Sized Asteroid Will Zoom By Earth on Aug. 28

by admin on Aug 12, 2019
Image Source : Youtube

August’s asteroid activity is not over yet: According to NASA data, one more “potentially unsafe” space rock about the dimension of the Washington Monolith will fly by Earth at the end of the month.

On Aug. 28, asteroid 2019 OU1 will safely cruise by our planet and also will certainly come within 639,000 miles of Planet, Fox Information reported. The gigantic area rock, which has an approximated diameter of 71 to 160 meters, has actually been contrasted to the renowned Washington Monolith in Washington, D.C., which is 555 feet tall. According to NASA data, 2019 OU1 is traveling through the area at approximately 42,650 feet per secondly.

Asteroid 2019 OU1 is classified as a near-Earth Item (NEO), which is an asteroid or a comet that has actually been prodded by the gravitational destination of nearby planets into orbits that enable them to fly by Planet. NEOs that are “potentially unsafe” are area items that determine greater than 460 feet in diameter and also come within 0.05 astronomical units of our world. In 2014, NASA published a 20-page strategy that outlined the steps the U.S. should take in order to be far better gotten ready for NEOs that might strike Earth.

On Aug. 10, a planet larger than the Realm State Building zoomed by Planet at a speed of 10,400 miles per hour. Asteroid 2006 QQ23, which missed our planet by 4.6 million miles, can have collapsed right into Planet if it was adhering to a different trajectory, NBC News noted.

NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Item Studies (CNEOS) will certainly keep monitoring asteroid 2019 OU1, asteroid 2006 QQ23, as well as other “possibly unsafe” area rocks as well as track their orbits over the following few years.

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