WHO gives coronavirus a new name

by admin on Feb 13, 2020

You’ve seen the word “coronavirus” around the information recently, and permanently factor. The new strain of the infection that was traced to China has now claimed over 1,000 lives as well as has contaminated tens of hundreds of people. However, there are various pressures of coronavirus, so the leading name makes sense if we intend to separate this particular outbreak from different other ranges of the same virus. The World Health Organization (WHO) finally navigated to naming this specific strain of coronavirus, so say hello to Covid-19.

As HuffPost reports, the World Health Organization made the news at an interview on Tuesday, explaining the decision to call the infection as well as discussing what Covid-19 suggests. WHO does not provide specific names to every virus, and even every infection that contaminates people, but it makes good sense to do so in cases such as this one.

“Having a name matters to prevent using various other names that can be imprecise or stigmatizing, It additionally gives us a conventional format to use for any future coronavirus break out,” WHO’s Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, explained.

As for just how to decode the name Covid-19, it’s rather uncomplicated. The “Carbon monoxide” means corona, the “vi” represents infection, and “d” merely suggests disease. The 19 is an indicator of when the condition was first found in a human, as well as in this instance that was late 2019 in Wuhan, China.

Naturally, naming the infection does not make it any less disastrous, as well as the reality that the episode seems to be continuing at a breakneck rate within China while gradually seeding to other nations is a cause for worry. Going forward, scientists, as well as health authorities combating the spread of the virus, will be taking care of the same problems, only under a new name.

Source: BGR