Xbox Series X logo leaks: Microsoft’s big change

by admin on Apr 22, 2020
Image Source : Trade marks

For quite a long time currently, Microsoft and also Sony have both been trickle-releasing brand-new details regarding their following consoles. When it comes to the Xbox Series X, Microsoft has already disclosed a great deal concerning the device: we’ve seen photos of it, seen a list of specs, as well as we’ve also read about some of its attributes. Today, we see the Xbox Series X logo design for the very first time, however, not because Microsoft disclosed it.

Instead, we see it due to a Microsoft trademark listing that rapidly appeared on Reddit. The logo itself is pretty fundamental, including the words “Series” running up and down together with a massive “X.” It appears that Microsoft declared the trademark on April 16th, which filing was given a “New Application” status on April 20th.

New Xbox Series X Logo Trademarked from Microsoft from XboxSeriesX

By itself, it’s mostly average, but it’s just another item of the Xbox Series X problem that Microsoft has been putting with each other for us over the previous year or two. At this point, Microsoft has disclosed even more about Xbox Series X than Sony has about the PlayStation 5. While we’ve seen the controllers and currently logos for both consoles, we’ve yet to examine any kind of photos of the PlayStation 5, leaving us to wonder what the new console will appear like.

Sony, in reality, seems to be taking a various method to its PlayStation 5 disclose. PS5 lead designer Mark Cerny had talked in detail several times regarding a few of the PlayStation 5’s capabilities, most significantly during a technical deep dive that was initially slated for GDC 2020 but was moved online when that occasion was terminated.

Still, although Microsoft has disclosed more concerning its console than Sony has regarding the PlayStation 5, neither of them have discussed what’s crucial to a lot of potential customers: games. With both gaming consoles slated to introduce towards completion of this year, one has to hope that we’ll start hearing even more about video games quickly.