YouTube Music can now show lyrics on its iOS and Android apps

by admin on Mar 25, 2020

YouTube Music users can now check out lyrics while paying attention to a track on the solution’s iOS and Android applications, the firm revealed today. To see lyrics, when you have actually obtained a tune open in the application, simply tap the “i” switch on the left side of the screen. The verses will certainly then turn up under the monitoring bar for the tune.

Here’s what the lyrics display looks like for me for Tame Impala’s “One More Year” on the YouTube Music iphone application:

Apple Music and Spotify can also reveal lyrics while you’re playing a track, and on some tunes, those solutions can advance verses ahead in real-time as the tune is playing. Today, every one of YouTube Music’s verses is static, so you need to scroll down manually if you wish to follow along with the track.

It appears that not every track has lyrics. I looked for them on songs on two recently-released CDs– Childlike Gambino’s 3.15.20, as well as Jay Electronica’s A Created Testimony– and also they, weren’t there. YouTube tells The Edge that it obtains updated lyrics from LyricFind on a daily basis, but it didn’t share a timeline for how long it may take to source lyrics for specific tunes.

Verses aren’t supported in YouTube Songs’ internet player today, however, YouTube claims the feature is actively being worked with.