Zoom’s iOS App Found To Be Sending Data To Facebook

by admin on Mar 27, 2020

If you don’t have a Facebook account as well as think that you’re secure from Facebook keeping information on you, reconsider, mainly if you use Zoom’s iOS application. This is because, according to a report from Motherboard, they have found that the iOS variation of Zoom is sending information to Facebook, also if the customer does not have a Facebook account to start with.

From what they located, the data that Zoom sends out to Facebook includes useful information such as when the user opens up the app, information concerning the customer’s phone design, the time zone as well as city that they are in, where they’re attaching from, what provider they’re connected to, as well as an advertiser identifier that advertisers can then use to send out targeted ads.

The issue with this is that Zoom did not reveal this method, or if they did, it is not done unusually. To Facebook’s debt, they informed Motherboard that according to their terms for designers to use their SDKs, these programmers need to be transparent with their customers regarding the data being sent back to Facebook.

Zoom has seen a rise in popularity in the past couple of weeks as even more individuals are beginning to function and study from the house. The firm has yet to talk about the Motherboard’s post.